A Map of the Invisible: Journeys into Particle Physics

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What is the universe really made of? How do we know? Follow the map of the invisible to find out…

Over the last sixty years, scientists around the world have worked together to explore the fundamental constituents of matter, and the forces that govern their behavior. The result, so far, is the ‘Standard Model’ of elementary particles: a theoretical map of the basic building blocks of the universe. With the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012, the map as we know it was completed, but also extended into strange new territory.

A Map of the Invisible is an explorer’s guide to the Standard Model and the extraordinary realms of particle physics. After shrinking us down to the size of a sub-atomic particle, pioneering physicist Jon Butterworth takes us on board his research vessel for a journey in search of atoms and quarks, electrons and neutrinos, and the forces that shape the universe. Step by step, discovery by discovery, we journey into the world of the unseen, from the atom to black holes and dark matter, and beyond, to the outer reaches of the cosmos and the frontiers of human knowledge.

Beautifully illustrated, with gradually evolving maps offering an inventive visual glossary as the journey progresses, A Map of the Invisible provides an essential introduction to our world, and to particle physics. It is a landmark work of non-fiction by one of the great scientists and science writers of today.


About the Author

Jon Butterworth is a Professor of Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London (UCL). At the same time, he works on the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, where he has held a number of leadership positions. In 2013 he was awarded the Chadwick medal and prize of the Institute of Physics for his pioneering experimental and phenomenological work in high-energy particle physics, especially in the understanding of hadronic jets.

He has written many articles and two popular science books about particle physics. His research focuses mainly on measurements at high-energy colliders – and related software and phenomenology – probing the predictions of the Standard Model, and possible physics beyond it.

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